Libba Pinchot, Ph.D.

Libba Pinchot, Ph.D.


Libba Pinchot
Dr. Libba Pinchot is a consultant, coach, and speaker, building the capacity of leaders to create transformational change in organizations for the betterment of their firms, society and the environment. Libba’s long experience and research in workplace engagement, organizational innovation and corporate sustainability give her intimate knowledge of ways leaders can spread systemic and innovative perspectives through their organizations, transmute endemic limitations of organizations, and devise and implement leading edge practices to bring their organizations responsibly into the future.

Most people want to work from their highest values and be more engaged in making a positive difference through their jobs. Libba believes that there is an enormous opportunity for leaders to help liberate the energy and passion of their colleagues to make the world better through their work, which can ensure institutional viability as well. She works with leaders and teams to devise and implement ways to bring long-term health and sustainability to organizations and the surrounding society and environment.

How she does it:

Change Management Coaching and Consulting: Libba coaches and consults with organizational leaders and their teams on ways to move toward their values-based visions and manage the interpersonal and organizational barriers slowing their progress. She helps create “communities of the willing” who collectively transform organizations. Dr. Pinchot’s intertwined careers as family therapist, social entrepreneur, inclusivity advocate and organizational ombudsman underlie her commitment to the benefits of differences and the many ways to build inclusive workplace communities that liberate people to transform organizations to become great workplaces that are sustainable, socially responsible, and thriving. She has a gift for healing conflict, inspiring fruitful engagement, and facilitating win-win solutions that free people to serve their ideals. She builds the capacity of leaders and their organizations to address practical challenges, like profitability, while also addressing the needs and possibilities of the emerging future.

Peer Circles: Libba curates and hosts a few peer circles of organizational leaders working on strengthening their impact in sustainable business. Participation in one of these circles includes both regular online meetings and personal coaching, and takes place within a safe and rewarding program. Participants range from entrepreneurs in the early phase of starting a sustainable business to senior leaders seeking to be more effective. The peer circle members are chosen for their commitment to organizational and societal change and their depth and diversity of experience, and are assembled in groups to maximize the benefits of their shared participation.

Sustainable Intrapreneuring: Sustainability requires innovation in many things large and small. Libba’s third way of accelerating responsible business is applying intrapreneurship to sustainable innovation. The capacity for the scope of innovations needed to flourish in the future is broadly distributed among the people in the organization; the scale needed can be found through widespread employee and stakeholder engagement, cross-functional collaborations and cross-organizational alliances for the future. Libba helps organizations liberate and guide intrapreneurial employees to create, achieve, and spread those innovations. One secret of rapidly making an organization more sustainable, as well as viable, is cultivating, protecting, and supporting sustainability-oriented intrapreneurs. Libba coaches and trains leaders in the art of finding and supporting intrapreneurs through the full innovation process. She also helps intrapreneurs grow and develop their own innovation leadership, such as building effective teams, navigating the resistance to new ideas, and finding ways to engage many others in the joy and satisfaction of transformational change in organizations for the betterment of their firms, society and the environment. In Libba’s experience almost every company has plenty of potential intrapreneurs with plenty of good ideas, and engaging the talent of everyone in the firm will help the overall organization thrive over the long term.

Her story

Libba is the co-founder and Chairman of Pinchot & Company, a thirty-five year old innovation and empowerment consulting firm that has worked with half of the Fortune 100, leading companies on every continent except Antarctica; she has also served many non-profits and government agencies. Over her career she has been a leader in five innovative educational startups ranging from technology to sustainable business—for instance, as a co-founding leader of the first computer-assisted education project at Stanford University, and, over the last two decades, co-founding the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, now part of Presidio University, thus combining the first two business schools focused on sustainability. Libba has degrees in philosophy, education, and organizational and systems psychology from Wellesley/Stanford, the U. of Oregon, and Goddard. She has a PhD in organizational systems from Saybrook University focused on ways senior executives engage the talent in corporations to achieve sustainability and climate change mitigation objectives. She is the co-author of The Intelligent Organization: Engaging the Talent and Initiative of Everyone in the Workplace.

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