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Below we’ve collected a broad range of resources for you to explore. Please feel free to peruse the materials and let us know if you’d like to see something else related to intrapreneurs—it’s likely we’ve already written on the topic or would be happy to if we see there’s a need for more knowledge in this area.



How to sell your ideas



Memos to Stakeholders


The Memos to Stakeholders

Memo to the CEO

Although addressed to you, this memo will be read by your employees, who will begin implementing intrapreneuring with or without your support. It will go better for you and your shareholders if you get involved in building the environment for intrapreneuring. The…


Memo to Millennials

You find yourself in a large organization that does not seem to be designed with your needs in mind. You need work with purpose and the freedom to do it your way. You want work that aligns with your desire to make the world better and need the opportunity to make a…


Memo to Women Intrapreneurs

When I wrote the first book on intrapreneuring it was very difficult to find enough case histories of women intrapreneurs. Not so today. Successful women intrapreneurs are everywhere. Intrapreneuring is a kind of work in which you get accurate and unambiguous…


Memo to Older Intrapreneurs

Don’t feel left out. All the reasons I gave on why organizations need millennials apply equally to you, anolder intrapreneurwho hasnot lost your spark. Your willingness to take initiative and stand up for your ideas mayhave been blunted, but you can reignite it. You…


Memo to Managers

Of course you can have a role as an intrapreneur, forthat see the earlier posts. You also have a critical role as a sponsor of other intrapreneurs. The key bottleneck in the intrapreneuring process is not the availability of ideas or even the much more valuable…